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    Become a SimsPulse Patron VIP w/ Perks!
    Support our site - Access our downloads - Create blogs, clubs, create image galleries and more!
    Level up your SimsPulse account by supporting us on Patreon!

    Step 1: Visit our Patreon page and become a Patron.


    Step 2: Link your Patreon account to your SimsPulse Account to access all the perks!


    By becoming a patron and linking your Patreon account to SimsPulse - you help us pay the bills, keep the lights on and help us grow the site out and make things even better for you 😊! We hope you can support us be the BEST Sims community for our favourite game - The Sims! 

    You'll get access to an ever growing list of special features here on the site! We want you to get value for your money so we'll try and add more over time! Check back for new features all the time!

    Perks of becoming a Patron:


    • You’ll immediately get access to our VIP downloads area (with premium adult mods etc...)


    • You'll banish all the ads on the site, so when you browse the site you'll be experiencing it ad-free!


    • You'll be able to create your own Blog - your own little corner of our site dedicated to talking about whatever you want to discuss. Whether it's sharing your Sims stories, ranting about life, reviewing new Sims content or just talking. You'll be able to on your brand spankin' new blog 🙂


    • You’ll be able to create clubs - We all have our hobbies and interests - whether its a tv show, a video game series, book reading, painting or anything... with clubs you'll be able to create your own forum/section of the site for people to join and share in the excitement! Go check out our existing clubs for some examples here!


    • You'll be able to create galleries - Have you ever just wanted to upload some photos or screenshots from your game to share? Well as a Patron you can - you can create your own image galleries - for your own private use or share them with friends or our community!


    • You'll get access to our exclusive SimsPulse Discord! - Join our live chat with other simmers and voice chat if you feel like it! Who doesn't love to talk about The Sims in real-time!


    • You can change your username whenever you like - Sometimes we feel like changing it up, no better way than to change your username on a forum! Well as a Patron you can - as many times as you'd like!


    • You can customise your profile - Yep, who doesn't like sprucing up their profile? Well as a Patron you can! You'll be able to change your banner image on your profile, have a little badge next to your posts and hopefully more over time!


    • You’ll also be entered into monthly and eventually weekly giveaways featuring Sims Stuff packs, expansions and more! Who doesn't like a cheeky little giveaway 😁
    • You'll also get our eternal gratefulness and thanks - not only for supporting us but being part of this fantastic thriving Simming community! ❤️ 



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