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December Christmas - V.I.P Sims 4 Custom Content Bundle

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16 Screenshots

About This File

Get into the Christmas Spirit with Sims4Forum's exclusive V.I.P Christmas Bundle. V.I.P Members Only

What's New in Version 2014-12-07


[ATTACH=full]2615[/ATTACH] [SIZE=4]Sims4Forum is glad to announce our new CC Tee pack for December which is our best yet! It includes a whopping total of 15 cool Holiday tee’s for our V.I.P members to enjoy! This time around we have created them for ALL genders and ages... so ANYONE in your Sims 4 household can enjoy! Get into the holiday spirit![/SIZE] [B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#006600]Browse the Tee's close up by clicking on the thumbnails below!! [/COLOR][COLOR=#b30000]:)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [I][B]This bundle is EXCLUSIVE to V.I.P members. As an active V.I.P member you will receive monthly tee/content bundles FREE as part of your V.I.P subscription! Make sure you're subscribed December-January for Januarys bundle which will be our biggest yet! [/B][/I] [B][I][COLOR=#b30000]Enjoy, rate and comment. :) [ATTACH]2616[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2617[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2618[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2619[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2620[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2621[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2622[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2623[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2624[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2625[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2626[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2627[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2628[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2629[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2630[/ATTACH] [/COLOR][/I][/B]

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