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Teen Female Nude Skins Pack - Trimmed

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7 Screenshots

About This File

Realistic TF Nude Skin Replacement - Trimmed - Female

What's New in Version 2014-10-22


[URL='http://sims4forum.com/attachments/teen2-jpg.2491/'][ATTACH]2500[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2501[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2502[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2503[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2504[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2505[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2506[/ATTACH] [/URL] This is a nude replacement pack for your teen (nudist and 18-19 year old of course >.>) sims with trimmed hair of varying thickness depending on body type. These skins work with all body types including the inhuman blue and green ones. I've also included a free nude underwear mod as a (though I make no credit for making it) so that you can view your nude sims in the Create a Sim builder. [IMG]http://sims4forum.com/attachments/teen3-jpg.2492/[/IMG] [IMG]http://sims4forum.com/attachments/teen2-jpg.2491/[/IMG] [IMG]http://sims4forum.com/attachments/teen5-jpg.2494/[/IMG] [IMG]http://sims4forum.com/attachments/teen7-jpg.2496/[/IMG]

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