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Get Naked EVERYWHERE! (Female)

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About This File

This mod allows you to make all outfits nude. Includes both my skins.

What's New in Version 2014-09-20


Possibly another first for sims4forum... But probably not. A mod which allows you to set every one of your sim's outfits to nudey. As in, "anatomically correct" nudey. Now you can go to the library in the buff, the gym in the scud, and the museum au naturale. "But Mikey, there's other mods which add nude items to CAS" Yes, but they have the skin parts painted over the default undies mesh, so you get weird lumpy bits around your bits. This uses the totally naked mesh from showering/streaking, and has my skins applied to it. I used the "barbiedoll" CASPART files uploaded by starranger here - [url]http://sims4forum.com/custom-content/modified-default-nude-clothing-to-appear-in-cas.98/[/url] and created new packages from them with my nude skins. I included both the shaved & fluffy bottom half packages, ONLY INSTALL ONE OF THEM as having both may cause crashes. So you need to pick between fluff or smooth. DISCLAIMER - I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING, as my avatar says, so I don't know how to work with CASPART files properly yet. The result is there's no thumbnail selectable for the naked bits in formal, sleep, athletic or party. But it's OK, included in the .rar is a set of instructions on how to get around this until I can update it properly. I just wanted to get this out 'coz I know you're all dying to wander about the house naked. I know I am, but I'm a dirty old bugger... If you don't like the nipples/pink bits I made, I'm willing to redo this using EyeDye's bits, or any other, with the consent of the creator as appropriate. I know my nipples are quite small & dark, and EyeDye's are much nicer looking. So if he's cool with it, I'll upload another version using his parts. Enjoy! ya perv... [IMG]http://sims4forum.com/attachments/nakedness-jpg.2194/[/IMG]

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